The work performance of our social workers from Úsmev ako Dar, Banská Bystrica branch, has been moved during the state of emergency connected to the coronavirus from offices to the ground. To secure help and support for socially disadvantaged required personal protection of our workers in order to secure continual work without infection. Gevorkyan promptly reacted to our needs and it supported our whole team with masks, which are used daily, today it is 6 months. The biggest advantage of these masks is from our point of view easy maintenance – after whole day use, we only replace the filter. Additionally, if we compare these masks with disposable or textile masks, we have no problem with glass fogging, which is a great advantage for our “eyeglasses” team. THANK YOU.

Silvia Yoder
Fundraisor of the regional branch of Banská Bystrica region, ÚSMEV AKO DAR