Regional club Banská Bystrica, part of Parkinson Slovakia society belongs to the biggest and most active clubs in Slovakia.
Right after the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic in Slovakia, we asked Gevorkyan company, which is the example of a successful business in Slovakia and in foreign countries. We were interested in granting of protective masks for our members. Honestly, we were surprised with helpfulness, positive attitude of its employees or by person of Mr. Gevorkyan. Gevorkyan company did not hesitate to help disabled people and it provided protective masks as a gift. We would like to very kindly express our greatest gratitude of all member of the club in Banská Bystrica. They truly represent a real model for other companies, but also for state institutions in which competence people disabled of Parkinson belongs.
In the name of all members of regional club we would like to express our biggest thankfulness and wishing all the best in their future work.

Ivan Štubňa
Vice-chairman of the Regional club of Parkinson Banská Bystrica