Long-time experience in
medical application

GEVORKYAN is an expert in products for medical application, such as high-precision bearings, gears, parts for dental equipment, special wristwatch for visuallly impaired people, medical tools, filters, etc. 

Certified Masks for multiple use represent the wisest decision of how to protect your health and health of your family or even the health of your employees or people in general.

Developed and manufactured in the heart of Europe, represent the fusion
between a high-quality protection and unlimited service. No more compromises! Used and verified by physicians, dentists, paramedics, firemen, soldiers, and many others.

GEVORKYAN has a long-time experience in the medical field. Over the years they have produced various special parts used in operating and medical equipment or even special watches used by people with visual impairment.

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Masks for Multiple Use

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Original and certified European product made in Slovakia.

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Certified Masks
for Multiple Use

Certified Mask for Multiple Use (size XL)


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Certified Mask for Multiple Use

Smart Komfort S

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Certified Mask for Multiple Use

Smart Komfort M/L

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Certified Mask for Multiple Use


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Masks produced by GEVORKYAN, s.r.o. are certified and patented.

FDA Certificate

The company is certified according ISO 13 485 : 2016 as a producer and distribution of protective masks

ICR Verification of Conformity


Awards of inventive activity for technical solution during COVID-19 pandemic


Marek Hamsik in Ultra mask

Certified mask for multiple use - Smart Comfort

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Satisfied customers

Letter of Thanks – Parkinson Slovakia

Regional club Banská Bystrica, part of Parkinson Slovakia society belongs to the biggest and most active clubs in Slovakia. Right after the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic in Slovakia, we asked Gevorkyan company, which is the example of a successful business in Slovakia and in foreign countries. We were interested in granting of protective masks for our members. Honestly, we were surprised with helpfulness, positive attitude of its employees or by person of Mr. Gevorkyan. Gevorkyan company did not hesitate to help disabled people and it provided protective masks as a gift. We would like to very kindly express our greatest gratitude of all member of the club in Banská Bystrica. They truly represent a real model for other companies, but also for state institutions in which competence people disabled of Parkinson belongs. In the name of all members of regional club we would like to express our biggest thankfulness and wishing all the best in their future work. Ivan Štubňa vice-chairman of the Regional club of Parkinson Banská Bystrica

Letter of thanks – Úsmev ako Dar

The work performance of our social workers from Úsmev ako Dar, Banská Bystrica branch, has been moved during the state of emergency connected to the coronavirus from offices to the ground. To secure help and support for socially disadvantaged required personal protection of our workers in order to secure continual work without infection. Gevorkyan promptly reacted to our needs and it supported our whole team with masks, which are used daily, today it is 6 months. The biggest advantage of these masks is from our point of view easy maintenance - after whole day use, we only replace the filter. Additionally, if we compare these masks with disposable or textile masks, we have no problem with glass fogging, which is a great advantage for our "eyeglasses" team. THANK YOU.

Humanitarian help for Lebanon and Serbia

Naše masky neustále chrániace zdravotníkov v prvej línii v brazílskych 🇧🇷 nemocniciach. Our masks are constantly protecting doctors and personal in the first line in hospitals in Brazil.

Masks in Brazil hospitals

Naše masky neustále chrániace zdravotníkov v prvej línii v brazílskych 🇧🇷 nemocniciach. Our masks are constantly protecting doctors and personal in the first line in hospitals in Brazil.

Satisfied paramedics

Dear Gevorkyan, in the name of paramedics from Rzp a Rlp Veľký Krtíš we would like to thank you for masks given to all colleagues. From technical reasons it is not able to make a photo of all colleagues. Masks arrived yesterday, but we rode with them the whole afternoon. Many thanks again and we wish you all the best and many satisfied customers.

Medical masks from Gevorkyan production help in Brazil

Our medical face masks are used in Brazil. Unfortunately, this country is one of the most affected parts of the world. Support of these countries is very important and we are proud to help. And this is just the beggining...!🙂

Donation of masks to Prešov self-governing region.

Experience of customers with our medical face masks.

Donation of mask to Rescue medical service RZP Staré hory.

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Do not make compromises of protection of your health!

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Professional protection
for 40 cents per day

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Industrial Property Office of the Slovak Republic, Online conference Innovations for green future

Seminar “Engineering and electronics in medicine”, Slovak Investment and Trade Development Agency (SARIO)

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